*Starshine* (apricot3) wrote in femrock,

Finally Fiona

it's coming! Finallllly the record company is letting fiona apple release her album from 2003! :D

it's going to happen october 4th, and you can download two of the songs from her website now. what annoys me, though, is everything i've read about it doesn't even mention the fact that she's been ready to go since may of '03.. they allude to the idea that she just wasn't finished with it yet :P

so now i come to the question if i should buy the album and show them that she Can make money, or cling to the bootleg i already have and boycott the greedy fuckers. probably the former... but there is the third option of doing what i do with every other cd i want- wait a few months and get it from half.com! i've never purchased a cd i already had burned, but this case might be the exception.

plus, it's such a Good cd! i almost wouldn't mind having two copies just in case, it's so good. :)

**and by the way, as the mod of this mostly-dead comm, i'd like to ask everyone who does post to please put a Tag on what you have to say so that anyone who searches for something can find it easily. for instance, i'm going to put Fiona Apple on this one.
if you don't know what i'm talking about, when you make a post, all the way at the bottom where there are places for Music and Mood, under that is a TAGS section. just put in a word that relates to the topic, like Quizzes (what i personally do on my lj), and then if someone needs to see if anyone has ever posted some quizzes, they'll all be grouped together.

~Kristen :)
Tags: fiona apple
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