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alrighty, so everyone else in every other community is doing it.. but this one's mine, so here i go anyway :)

below is a redcross link, i got here by going through my station's site (i work at the CBS affiliate in cincy, my channel's site is WWW.WKRC.com). clear channel has teamed up with the cross, so all affiliates across the country are involved- so what i'm saying is you should be hearing about this on your local programming.


*i think this is an awesome idea. it's a cooperative of artists with items for sale where the profits will go for relief aid (and lemme just say, i saw some Reallllly nice things, but most of it is Paypal only and my account expired years ago):
crafters united


got this from one of my other music comms, certain artists have decided to have 100% of their profits on CDs to go to the red cross


this is a blog from NOLA, there is a lot of good information on here if you happen to be around that area or just want a more personal account of what's going on:


aaaaand if you're sick of the media on this and want a laugh, here is a comment from a squirrel (note- explicit language, Not Work Friendly). i found it a bit too drawn out and obvious, but here it be:

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