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Collide DVD + CD

wow, it's been a loooong time since this community has been used! tis my own fault. but i had to share this news, even though i'm sure most of you are in the femalebands one that i already posted it to, so i'm just going to copypaste that word for word ;)

Hullo everyone! I hate to admit that I'm on myspace, but it is a decent site for listening to new bands and whatnot.
Collide put up a bulletin earlier today stating that if you get a DVD they'll give you a CD free! i went on the site and it seems like they've only got one DVD out, and it's on sale for $16.99. it also comes packaged with a tshirt for $29.99 and i wonder if that comes with a CD as well, who knows. anyway, below is a blurb of what they posted... i have no idea what timezone that 11am deadline is in, but i'm too broke anyway :/
(dunno if this myspace bulletin link will work: http://bulletin.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=bulletin.read&messageID=2740794606&Mytoken=ACB71751-10D4-422A-8E15F759C67075D78184917)

"We decided to do a special...so from now until tomorrow packing time (Thursday Febuary 8th, 11:00 am)...order the DVD and get a free COLLIDE CD of your choice.

When you place your order at our store on our website... just write in the notes section the CD of your choice and that you are a myspace pal =). We accept all kinds of payment and ship internationally.

You can even call the studio from now until 7:00 pm to place your order...
818/ 506-1868

The DVD features:
a full live concert
3 videos
An interview and outtakes
Accoustic performances
a photo gallery

"Now this is a true gem! One of my favourite bands, but they very rarely play live (though as theyre American my opportunities to see them would be zilch anyway) so on one of their incredibly rare shows they decided to film it for release. And here it is filmed at the El Rey in Los Angeles in 2005, the result is stunning."
Kaleidoscope Issue #21

More reviews here...

...so what are you waiting for =). Order now and it will ship tomorrow and you may have it for Valentines day!!

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